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Privacy Training Center provides workshops and training sessions on privacy and data protection. In our PrivacyCafés, you learn how to protect yourself against intrusive online advertising companies, digital criminals and even your own government’s digital prying eyes.

Protect your digital life

We teach online security best practices and the best apps and tools. The solutions we advise are usually free (perhaps a link to what free software is) and ready to use for the average user. Join one of our regular PrivacyCafé sessions or book a PrivacyCafé for your organisation or peer group.



How the internet works
Where my data goes
Data companies & encryption
How to identify malicious emails?
Safe and ad-free browsing
Safe passwords
Secure texts
Secure calls



Where data is most vulnerable?
Who is the adversary?
Secure text and calls
Email encryption
Safe collaborative online work & data sharing
Online anonymity (Tor)
Full disk encryption

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Contact us about a training for your specific situation or the needs of your organization.

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Agenda PrivacyCafé

The next public PrivacyCafés will appear here soon. If you'd like to have one sooner, book a PrivacyCafé.

13.12.2016 19:30-22:00h | Ecokot | Antwerp

18.02.2017 14:00-16:00h | Monty Kultuurfaktorij | Antwerp


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Privacy Training Center

Information technology has a tremendous impact on individuals and society. It allows us to communicate with virtually anyone in real-time and to share information without boundaries. At the same time, the increasing connectedness creates immense amounts of personal data which today is stored and analysed by advertisement companies (for profit) and governments (for control) around the world with little transparency and oversight for citizens. It undermines our right to a private life as guaranteed by the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and in most national constitutions in Europe. Current laws in most countries are insufficient to protect citizens and organisations from preying eyes. Often, existing laws are not even respected by governments and companies.

It is our mission to help everyone who wishes to defend themselves against those assaults on our fundamental rights. We show you how to increase your digital privacy.

Privacy Training Center provides hands-on workshops and trainings on privacy and data protection in the digital age: PrivacyCafé and Data Protection Training. Our workshops are designed to equip participants with a good understanding of how the internet works, where personal data is collected, stored and analysed and what are the most common threats. We show how to use practical digital tools to avoid the most common threats so you can protect your privacy.

Our courses are aimed at citizens and organisations and can be targeted to specific needs.

Privacy Training Center is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law.

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