The Privacy Training Center is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law (asbl/vzw) founded in Brussels in 2016. It is based on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to protect their privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Unsatisfied with the reach and availability of existing training offers, our founding members decided to set up an organisation to bridge the gap between users and tech experts. Their goal was to professionalise the decentralised Cryptoparty movement and make it available to everyone — citizens and organisations in need.

Today, the Center is run by a dedicated team of ten expert volunteers who daylight as sysadmins, software engineers and computer researchers. It is lead by an elected non-profit board and financed through fees for customised professional trainings as well as donations.

Anja Gottschalk Rula Sayaf PhD
Works as political advisor at the European Parliament. Privacy, security and AI geek.
Jan Penfrat
Senior Policy Advisor at European Digital Rights and passionate cyclist.


The Privacy Training Center is almost entirely financed by its paid digital security trainings for organisations. As of 2017 we have not accepted any grants or other financial support except small amounts of private donations.

Our official statutes are available for download in English and Dutch.