Security is a process, not a tool. The most secure IT systems cannot protect you if employees inadvertently expose sensitive information on Facebook or are deceived by a phishing attack. This is why we offer customised staff trainings on digital security and data protection to organisations.

We empower your team to do the right thing when working with sensitive information. We support your organisation in developing a realistic threat assessment and help you choosing the applications and IT platforms that best fit your needs.

Here’s a selection of topics we cover. If yours is not mentioned, please get in touch:


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Beginners Advanced Custom
How the internet works
Advertisement and data companies
Identify malicious emails
Safe and ad-free browsing
Secure passwords
Secure mobile messaging
Secure phone calls
Threat modelling
Secure online collaboration
Data sharing & team communications
Secure hosting platforms
Email encryption
Online anonymity
Full disk encryption
You need a tailor-made training for your team or organisation? Please contact us and we’ll make an offer that fits your needs.