Privacy Training Center geeft workshops en trainingen over privacy en gegevensbescherming. In onze PrivacyCafés leer je hoe je jezelf online beschermt tegen opdringerige reclame, digitale criminelen en zelfs tegen je eigen overheid die jou bespioneert. Information technology allows us to communicate with virtually anyone in real-time and share information without boundaries. But the permanent connectedness also creates immense amounts of sensitive personal data. That data today is being collected, stored and analysed by advertisement companies (for profit), governments (for control) and cybercriminals (for all kinds of bad things) with little transparency for and oversight by users.


The Privacy Training Center provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to better protect your data from such threats. As a non-profit organisation it is our mission to help educating as many people as possible, especially the most vulnerable, about digital security and privacy. This is why we offer regular free PrivacyCafés, a publicly accessible workshop format for citizens. Because NGOs, small companies and other news organisations often have a very different threat model, we also offer customised staff trainings for organisations and companies with more advanced digital security needs.